O*PUS/I is an exhibition of work by renowned and emerging international artists and designers at CASA Basalta in La Roma during the week of Zonamaco. “O*PUS/I” is a compendium of art, design, architecture, and apparel. Four disciplines no lines nor borders, only objects and the representation behind each one of them.

O*PUS/I by ATRA for Mexico Art and Design | Zonamaco

This year ATRA is coming to Design Miami and ART Basel with two vibrant events in aid of charitable causes. 

ATRA | Design Miami | ART Basel

ATRA is now exhibiting the Steps Table by Mexico City–based architecture firm LANZA Atelier, which created the table for the Moma's exhibition New Work.

MOMA's Steps Table by Lanza Atelier

The execution of new designs like the Korsu Chair and Zig Zag Table, described by Alexander as “visually simple and aesthetically viable, but not the easiest to manufacture,” was touch-and-go for a while.

ATRA 2019 Collection

Far from the Mexican highlands, ATRA has made a second home for itself in the heart of San Francisco, where it opened the doors of ATRA SF in August 2018. A microcosm of the studio’s aesthetic philosophy, this gallery space showcases signature collection pieces as well as exclusive artistic creations by rising and renowned talent from Mexico and beyond.

ATRA Gallery San Francisco

Andreas Diaz Andersson Exhibition

Andreas díaz andersson is a multi-media artist based in mexico city and whose collection is represented by Atra. His work is defined by a harmonious use of shapes and lines, his aesthetic also plays with perception and textures.

Andreas Diaz Andersson

Atra exhibited its collection in the gorgeous 18th century Casa Basalta in Condesa, Mexico City. The Atra collection appeared alongside the immersive installations of visual artist Olivia Steele.

ATRA at Casa Basalta

The exquisite Hotel Demetria in Mexico City hosted the Atra furniture collection and the art work of Andreas Diaz Andersson. A cocktail party was thrown to celebrate the exhibition of the pieces in it’s main hotel auditorium.

ATRA at Hotel Demetria