ATRA Rugs by Jose Maria Balmaceda

José María Balmaceda knows from the core of his self, that he feels a great passion about the distinct universes that inhabit inside of each being. Jose has mixed this insight with his love for textiles, to take over the mission of creating custom made artisanal rugs that will always try to connect people through textile design.

Atra’s rugs are created with a passion for the intimacy of textile design. The creation of each piece requires an emotional connection to the artisans themselves and the hands that have stretched the fabric and woven the fibers that give life to the excellent quality rugs brought from India and Nepal. To our expert artisans traditional weaving is more than a career, it is a millenary tradition that has been taught from generation to generation. we are proud that having a direct connection to the weavers and the weavers has allowed the support of local, social, economic, ecologic and artistic aspects within those communities. 

The Rugs can be personalized in size, form, color fiber and design using a great variety of techniques and knotting to produce all types of finishes and qualities in our pieces.


Jose Maria Balmaceda