Andreas Diaz Andersson is a Swedish-Mexican artist known for his distinctly meticulous minimalist abstractions. Andersson’s work is defined by a harmonious use of shapes and lines achieved through the use of textiles and different paint mediums such as acrylic, plasticolour and aerosol paint on cotton canvas.

When viewed from afar, Andersson’s carefully considered compositions may look simple, but the complexity of his works becomes clearer upon close inspection. Made with exceptional precision and a meticulous attention to detail, the works are an exploration of depth and form, hovering between illusion and abstraction. By playing with different colours and textures arranged systematically his works attain a spatially reflective quality. The physical, spatial and conceptual depth of the canvas fluctuates based on where the viewer stands, creating a constant variation of dynamic geometric patterns and deep vanishing points.

Hall of Mirrors Exhibit

The Hall of Mirrors exhibit, which was unveiled in a modernist residence in the Hollywood Hills during Frieze brought his meticulous approach to the medium of metal using a mix of oxidation and painted metal techniques on steel - they are sold in  single, diptych, triptych and Quadriptych. They have been inspired by the classic metal treatment of taco trucks around the bustling capital of Mexico City.

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