Elena Dendiberia and Homan Rajai of Studio Ahead Northern California based studio collaborated with ATRA to design and create their sculptural capsule collection using plaster, wool and neutral tones. 

"This series of objects represents our exploration of Northern California’s natural world, each piece is born from the juxtaposition of bold shapes with simple, raw materials: wool felt, plaster, and paper mâché.

The sheep lounge chair is homage to the Persian divan. The chair is upholstered in bespoke felt, designed by Studio AHEAD and handcrafted in Sonoma from merino wool sourced from one of the last remaining groups of Northern Californian sheepherders.

Inspired by rock formations on Muir Beach and the Russian River that over time have been rounded by flowing water, the shapes of the coffee table and mirror have a monolithic feel but with smoothed and softened edges. They are made of plaster, which adds to their soothing effect.

"Studio Ahead’s ambitions in materiality gave an opportunity for us to innovate in our production methods and their approach to creating sculptural pieces with a soulful connection to Northern California led to the creation of a truly singular capsule collection."