ATRA Eco-Mission

At ATRA, we want to positively impact the planet. That’s why our mission is to lead the luxury industry in eco-friendly manufacturing practices and to champion a design language which has sustainability as a core tenet.
We want to redefine how consumers relate to the environment through products that are at once elegant, soulful and mindfully created.

On the path to carbon neutral
We’re making incremental systematic changes in how we operate as well as providing more guidance and ecologically sound choices in the hands of our customers. We are setting ourselves on a path to be carbon neutral in the next 5 years.

Designing for sustainability
As a design studio, we are in the privileged position whereby we can design objects, furniture and entire spaces with environmental impact in mind. This will be one of the hallmarks of an ATRA design.

Timeless pieces
Every ATRA piece or environment is crafted with timelessness in mind. Each piece of furniture is meant to be collected and passed on to the next generation.=

Material and Fabric
We only work with suppliers who sustainably source and responsibly manufacture. We hope to promote incremental improvement across the supply chain and always guide our clients on the most ecologically sound product choice.

We always provide the first choice for transportation with the lowest carbon footprint, via the routes and mode of shipping.

We are always experimenting with new packaging and guarantee that the material used can be either recycled or composted.

Carbon offsetting
All ATRA customers will be able to optionally carbon offset both the production and the transportation of their purchase. Customers can also (via be able to see where their carbon offset impact will be felt.