ATRA is a Mexico City–based design studio that crafts collectible furnishings and luxury interiors. Combining high-tech methods with traditional craftsmanship, each hand-finished ATRA project offers a glimpse into the unique, collaborative studio it was born in. ATRA creations are built to last, and are designed with carefully chosen materials that accumulate experiences, showing that timelessness isn’t just about stability, but about evolution. The studio’s name is a variation on the Swedish word åtrå, meaning desire. ATRA’s designs are made for living, enjoying, and indulging — in the present moment, and for generations to come.

While created with an awareness of historic and contemporary design conversations, ATRA objects and interiors are made to endure trends. They’re also built to last — not as perfect fixed things, but like all great heirlooms, furnishing and environments that accumulate experiences along with you. This is the truest type of sustainability: creating something beautiful that can be enjoyed for years to come.