The ALA Bench by Alexander Diaz Andersson

A beautiful and stylish outdoor piece inspired by 1950s Mexican furniture and constructed using traditional joinery techniques in solid hardwood. With the option of adding cushions it is intended for indoor and outdoor use. The aesthetic of this piece comfortably straddles the line between art and functionality, a philosophy that has drawn inspiration from Alexander Diaz Andersson's own dichotomous identity, with a blend of clean Scandinavian lines and whimsical elements from traditional Mexican art. Time is a prominent theme, as he seeks to anticipate how his designs will change into the future—the patinas each material will acquire throughout its life and how this will affect the character of the surrounding space. This foresight not only guarantees that this piece will age gracefully, and in harmony with its environment, but also that its functional lifespan will be longer putting sustainability at the heart of the philosophy.

ALA bench



The ALA bench by Alexander Diaz Andersson

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