ATRA's Dino Sofa

The Dino is named after the Ferrari Dino from the 60's. This is the silhouette ATRA’s Creative Director wanted to create. It has a natural sense of movement and in a room, with sumptuous materials like velvet and walnut is meant to be at the center of the party.

The Dino sofa has hand tufted upholstery a walnut base and can be customized to selected materials and is part of ATRA's 2019 collection. 
The aesthetic of this piece comfortably straddles the line between art and functionality, a philosophy that has drawn inspiration from Alexander Diaz Andersson's own dichotomous identity, with a blend of clean Scandinavian lines and whimsical elements from traditional Mexican art.

Dino Sofa By ATRA

Dino Sofa ATRA