Merkki Ceramics from Ceramica Suro

ATRA presents the Merkki Ceramics Collection from Ceramica Suro, now available on ATRA and exhibited in the San Francisco Gallery.

Merkki is a design, creativity and experimentation platform where a dialogue between traditional crafts and design exists.

They are a collection with a history. The pieces are produced with 60 years of expertise by Cerámica Suro, a company founded by Noé Suro in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico.

Dedicated to the manufacture and exportation of decorative articles for the hotel and restaurant industry, Cerámica Suro is well known by its large career in contemporary art production.

See the collection here.



The Fold collection below are ceramic objects that appear to transform through a sequence of actions. The piece begins as a cylinder shape that alludes to a vase-type function. With a series of adjustments, it morphs into another object in the form of a plate. When you think of ceramics, you don’t typically think of moldable, elastic qualities, but Fold aims to change that perception.