Gerardo Ruiz Musi

Gerardo Ruiz Musi is a designer and artist from Mexico City whose selected work is a part of the ATRA collection. He received his diploma in fashion design from Studio Berçot in Paris, where he also launched his brand Ruiz Musi which predominately focuses on leather goods. After some years in Paris, he recently moved back to Mexico City in order to expand his artistic practice that merges several disciplines and started collaborating with ATRA as a part of the artist residency.

Gerardo's work is now available as a part of the ATRA collection.


Perhaps it’s mostly a matter of exploration which resurfaces (again and again) between the threshold of infantile curiosity and the need to understand an object’s tangibility. The process of wanting to master the imaginary unknown while allowing time to be time. Patience, obscuring both the past and the future of a nameless direction. Its consent is always the destination. Silk, cotton, raffia fiber. There’s the idea of harmony, how bodies can abide next to each other despite their prolonging distances in physicality. How the ugly or mundane suddenly might grant access to that which is intimate meanwhile the universally beautiful becomes less vulnerable. And at times less intentional. When simplicity suddenly converts into an array of soft spectacles, its organic collisions, how they always end up possible and thriving, somehow. Certain things, how they may take hours and hours of our lives and we will want them to. That very unexpected dedication, perhaps it’s here when things become entire experiences and why they exist the way they do. Genuine and singular.